China Economy: China’s SOE reform since the third plenum – August 2014

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China’s Third Plenum last November set the agenda for a new round of State Owned Enterprise (SOE) reform designed to increase efficiency and encourage more private investment. Local governments have moved more quickly than the centre to implement this reform. Expect reform of the huge, central SOEs to be a slow and controversial process. … Read more



UK Energy Investment Report 2014

英国能源和气候变化部出台了《能源投资报告》,详细阐述了自2010年以来英国的能源投资状况。该报告的出台不仅具有里程碑式的意义,而且确认英国正处于实现2020年能源投资目标的正轨上。能源行业投资在英国2013年基础设施投资计划中处于前列,当前能源项目投资额占英国基础设施项目后续投资总额的60%左右,共计2000多亿英镑。这超过了英国在水务、通信和运输行业基础设施投资额的总和,证明英国在能源行业的投资规模比重处于前列。 … Read more