Chinese-English Trademark Glossary

商标  trademark/mark

注册商标  registered trademark

商标权人   trademark owners

商标执法   trademark enforcement

商标侵权行为  trademark infringement

中国商标局  the Chinese Trademark Office (CTMO)

商标评审委员会  the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board (TRAB)

商标行政案件   trademark administrative cases

向商评委请求复审   to appeal to the TRAB

商标代理     trademark agency

申请人  applicant

注册人   registrant

申请人和代理人  applicants and agents

商标注册人  trademark registrant

电子申请   e-filing/electronic filing

受理电子商标申请   to accept electronic trademark applications

商标电子申请系统    Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS)

商标实质审查   substantive trademark examination

审查员  examiners

商标审查员  trademark examiners

异议  opposition

异议期  opposition period

无异议  no opposition is filed

提出异议申请  to file an opposition

被异议商标  the opposed trademark

被异议人   the opposed party

异议人 opposer


商标异议程序  trademark opposition procedures

系争商标  the disputed trademark

驳回绝对事由   absolute grounds of refusal

部分驳回  partial refusal

相关商标  relevant trademarks


续展  renewal/ to renew the registration

注销  to cancel

服务标记   service marks

标志  marks

Marks  标志/商标

《商标国际注册马德里协定》   the Madrid Agreement for the International Registration of Marks

《马德里议定书》   the Madrid Protocol

《商标注册条约》   Trademark Registration Treaty

《尼斯分类》   the Nice Classification



知名度  reputation

有较强显著性  distinctive

显著性  distinctiveness

获得了显著性  to acquire distinctiveness

通过实际使用获得了显著性   to acquire distinctiveness through practical use

商标显著性  trademark distinctiveness

缺乏显著特征   to lack distinctive features


使用的意图  intent to use

商标近似性  trademark similarity

造成混淆/导致与     混淆     to cause confusion with

什么构成实际使用   what constitutes actual use

保留实际使用的证据   to maintain evidence of actual use

在先使用  prior use

地理名称     geographical names

非功能性  non-functionality

音译   transliteration

商业字号   trade name


商标恶意申请   bad faith trademark filing /application

在先权利人  prior rights holders

在先权利  prior rights

利害关系人   interested parties

抢注者  squatter

商标抢注者 trademark squatter

明知或应知    to know or should have known

在先商标  the prior trademark

在后商标  the later trademark



市场开办主体的法律责任/业主责任    landlord liability

商户   vendors/tenants

摊位  stalls

摊主  stall holders

为侵权者提供经营场所    to provide premises to infringers

封摊   to shut down the stalls



非传统商标   non-traditional marks

气味商标   scent marks

声音商标  sound marks

颜色组合商标  a color-combination trademark


姓名权  name right


商标权纠纷 trademark dispute

侵权商标  infringing trademark

构成侵权   to constitute infringement

承担侵权责任    to bear liability

非法经营额  illegal turnover

构成假冒注册商标罪  to commit the crime of counterfeiting a registered trademark

如果假冒两种以上注册商标  if more than two registered trademarks are counterfeited

刑事责任  criminal liability

商标保护的最后一道防线  the last resort for trademark protection

被诉侵权者  an alleged infringer

面临侵权诉讼  to face infringement ligitation

商标律师  trademark lawyers

商标侵权抗辩   defense to trademark infringement

抄袭   to plagiarize/plagiarism

恶意抄袭  deliberate plagiarism in bad faith

善意    in good faith




驰名商标  well-known trademarks

驰名商标所有人  the owner of a well-known trademark

未注册的驰名商标  unregistered well-known trademark

在中国广为知晓  to become well-known in China

被相关公众所普遍认可 be widely recognized by the relevant public

被认定为驰名商标   be recognized as a well-known trademark

申请认定驰名商标  to apply for recognition as a well-known trademark



商标权转让合同   trademark assignment contract

转让人   assignor

受让人   assignee

许可人  licensor

被许可人  licensee

商标使用许可 trademark licenses

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