Academy for International Science and Research

Academy for International Science and Research
Business Name: Academy for International Science and Research
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国际科学与研究学院(AISR)是一所屡获殊荣的B-STEM(Business, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)教育国际卓越中心。国际科学与研究学院是北爱尔兰第一所经英国认证的独立理工科院校,为本科生和研究生提供国际认可的最高标准课程,涉及商业、科学、数学、信息技术、艺术、社会科学、工程、教育、医疗辅助和医学研究等领域。我们在英国、爱尔兰、印度和尼日利亚分别建设了校区。





English Description: The Academy for International Science and Research (AISR) is an award-winning International centre of excellence for B-STEMM education. AISR is Northern Ireland’s first independent, UK accredited STEM Institute, offering internationally recognised undergraduate and postgraduate programmes to the highest standards in Business, Science, Mathematics, Information Technology, Arts, Social Sciences, Engineering, Education, Para Medical and Medical studies.

We have campuses in the UK, Ireland, India and Nigeria.

AISR also offers online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses, whether you are a teacher, trainer, parent or work in the hospitality or pharmacy sector, you will find a course that suits you.

AISR develops virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). We developed our own:

• VR chemistry lab, where students carry out step by step practicals in an immersive environment.

• We bring our educational posters to life with AR videos.

Get in touch to discuss your institutions/organisation VR or AR needs.