Accuspect Technology 艾科思贝特

Accuspect Technology 艾科思贝特
Business Name: Accuspect Technology 艾科思贝特
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ACCUSPECT TECHNOLOGY 是TrainFX Ltd公司旗下品牌,由公司英国研发团队与英国曼切斯特大学教授合作创立,专注于电磁感应技术在各个行业领域的专业实践应用。目前已开发出首个应用于金属探伤的智能多频便携式涡流检测仪。同时可以为各行业客户提供定制的专业在线电磁感应测量技术解决方案。

English Description: ACCUSPECT TECHNOLOGY is a trading brand of TrainFX Ltd. The company was founded by UK R&D team and academics from the University of Manchester. It is specialized application of eddy current NDT&E in various industrial sectors. The company has successfully launched their first product- ACCUSPECT, multi-frequency portable Eddy current NDT device and it can also provide bespoke EM online inspection solutions meeting customers’ specific requirements