Adam Equipment 艾德姆衡器

Adam Equipment 艾德姆衡器
Business Name: Adam Equipment 艾德姆衡器
Chinese Description:

艾德姆衡器成立于1972年, 是全球化称重设备的研发与制造领先企业。 公司总部位于英国,分布在美国,南非,澳洲,中国和德国的分公司通过全球经销商渠道给用户提供高效的产品服务及配送。


艾德姆提供了丰广泛的称重产品,包括了半微量天平, 分析天平, 精密天平,电子秤, 水分分析仪及配件。集合最优的外观和功能,产品设计有直观的操作,可靠的数据,稳定的性能。以方便日常工作,简化各应用上复杂的流程。

我们还提供了各项延申服务包括技术支持与各种校准服务。 通过各项市场宣传活动,数据和图片等信息的共享,邮件群发,使我们的经销商大大受益。

English Description: Founded in 1972, Adam Equipment has become a leading global designer and manufacturer of weighing equipment. The company is headquartered in the United Kingdom and operates offices and distribution centers in the United States, South Africa, Australia, China and Germany to provide product support and fast, efficient delivery to our worldwide distribution network.

Adam Equipment serves the laboratory, medical, education, industrial, legal cannabis, food, and animal/veterinary markets.

Combining the best in form and function, Adam’s broad product lineup – which includes semi-micro, analytical and precision balances, scales, moisture analyzers and accessories – offers intuitive operation, dependability, solid performance and value to facilitate everyday work and simplify complex applications.

Adam offers support that extends well beyond the point of sale with services like technical support, servicing and calibrations. Adam’s dealers also benefit from a wide range of marketing support, including product data, images, emailing marketing tools and content.