Business Name: AHMAD TEA LTD 亚曼茶叶公司
UK Business Location: South England
Website Address: https://www.ahmadtea.com/
Chinese Description:

亚曼茶,是一家总部位于英国伦敦四代传承经营的家族企业,世界前5大茶叶品牌。与世界上顶级的茶园合作,将每一位茶农视作亚曼这个大家族的自然延伸。亚曼所有茶品从茶园到茶杯将由Rahim Afshar董事长及其世界级的评茶师团队亲自监督全过程,经过七次专业审评,只有每一杯茶都确定符合极致的品质标准并将被世界各地的茶爱好者喜爱时,我们的茶叶评审室才会休息。


English Description: Ahmad Tea is a family company founded and run on family values. That means consistently working together year after year, never compromising on beliefs and always being guided by our shared goals. We only work with the finest tea gardens around the world and we view our tea growers as a natural extension of the Ahmad Tea family. Every blend is sampled seven times during the journey from being plucked to your cup – a process overseen by our Chairman, Mr Rahim Afshar, and his team of world-leading Tea Masters. Nothing leaves our tasting room until we are sure it is an extraordinary cup of tea, destined to inspire tea lovers everywhere.

Today, Ahmad Tea brings over 30 million cups of tea a day to tea lovers in more than 80 different countries. From the world’s most influential urban hubs, to the tiniest remote villages, everyone can enjoy a perfectly brewed cup of Ahmad Tea.