Allen IP Limited

Allen IP Limited
Business Name: Allen IP Limited
Chinese Description:

Allen IP提供英国、欧洲和国际知识产权服务。我们为已经注册的知识产权编写优质应用程序,帮助您防止他人复制您的产品/服务、蚕食您的市场份额,以便您的产品/服务获得应有的收益。我们还可以为您提供建议,告知您是否侵犯了第三方知识产权以及相关知识产权是否有效。

English Description: Allen IP provide UK, European, and International Intellectual Property services. We write high quality applications for registered Intellectual Property, so as to help you prevent others from copying your product/service, and eating into your market share, hence enabling you to charge a premium. We also advise if you infringe third parties’ IP rights, and if those rights are valid.

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