Artisan Biscuits 匠心烘培

Artisan Biscuits 匠心烘培
Business Name: Artisan Biscuits 匠心烘培
UK Business Location: North England
Chinese Description:

Artisan Biscuits和The Fine Cheese公司虽然名称不同,但拥有相同的历史和价值观。我们是两家公司,但目标一致,即只生产和销售我们信赖的产品。产品包括饼干、奶酪和奶酪制品,皆用传统方法精心制作而成。

Artisan Biscuits的历史可追溯至100多年前,最初是德比郡皮克区的一家小型家庭面包坊。目前产品已出口至全球57个国家,与此同时我们仍然坚持刚起步时的价值观。我们继续遵循传统方法,所有产品全部选用天然原料,纯手工烘焙。我们的配方和烘焙技术不断完善,确保将最优质的原料投入烤箱,烘焙出最美味的食品。我们的指导原则是“只做我们自己想吃的食品”。

English Description: Artisan Biscuits and The Fine Cheese Co. may differ in name, but we have a shared history and set of values. We are two companies with one aim: to make and sell only what we believe in. Biscuits, cheese, and partners for cheese that have been made with skill and care in a traditional way.

Artisan Biscuits started out as a small family bakery in the Derbyshire Peak District over 100 years ago, and though we now export to 57 countries around the world, we still hold the same values as we did when we first started. We continue to follow a traditional approach and bake everything by hand, using only natural ingredients. Our recipes and baking techniques are endlessly refined, ensuring the finest ingredients go into the oven, and the finest flavours come out. Our guiding principle being, ‘To only bake what we would want to eat ourselves’.