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AstraZeneca 阿斯利康

AstraZeneca 阿斯利康
Business Name: AstraZeneca 阿斯利康
Chinese Description:


English Description: As a global leading pharmaceutical company with a century-year history, AstraZeneca entered China in 1993. Through innovations in R&D, operation and commerce, AstraZeneca aims to meet the increasing healthcare needs of Chinese patients and benefit Chinese patients. Today, China is AstraZeneca’s second largest market in the world. Investment into the company’s R&D in China has reached US$1.5 billion, with another investment of more than US $1 billion into manufacturing and operation sites. We focus on main disease in China and provided life changing innovative medicines. We also seek to build an open, collaborative and global healthcare innovation ecosystem, helping to bring global wisdom to help achieve the goal of “Healthy China 2030” and promoting innovations originate from China to the world, to fulfil our commitment of “in China, for China and the World”.