Billingham 白金汉摄影包

Billingham 白金汉摄影包
Business Name: Billingham 白金汉摄影包
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English Description: Billingham are a family owned company, manufacturing camera bags for the worlds photographers since 1973 alongside a range of leisure bags. All bags are made in a region of the British Midlands famous for manufacturing, and a core reason for this longevity is the fact that from the start, the Billingham family were determined that their products would always be made to the very highest standards from the best available materials using the best available techniques.

Like any premium product, the quality of materials, design and craftsmanship that goes into creating a Billingham means that it represents a significant investment. It’s important that they don’t just look beautiful, but that they do their job of protecting equipment wherever they are and whatever they’re being used for – year in and year out.