Broken Clock Lingering Vodka 破碎时钟

Business Name: Broken Clock Lingering Vodka 破碎时钟
UK Business Location: North England
Chinese Description:







English Description: Broken Clock Lingering Vodka is crafted slowly in Cheshire by one of England’s oldest distilleries.

It is a premium wheat vodka slowly infused with botanicals found in old Georgian recipes and gardens plus slow ripened apples from the North of England.

The slow, extended production of Broken Clock Vodka is aimed at prolonged and deliberate delight.

A lingering English vodka for those who take time to slip into the bygone pace and tempo.

The more we spin the time of pleasure, the more genuine essence we experience.

The taste, which is born in the atmosphere of serenity, is what we refer to as “Extraslowdinary”.