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Business Name: BSI
Business Sector:
Chinese Description:

BSI 是一家能够帮助组织将最佳实践标准转化为卓越习惯的业务改进公司。一个世纪以来,BSI作为全球首家国家标准机构,以及国际标准化组织ISO创始成员,我们始终致力于追求卓越并促进全球组织采用最佳实践。BSI 在全球 193 个国家/地区拥有 84,000 多家客户,作为一家真正的国际企业,它拥有涵盖众多行业的丰富技能和专业知识。

English Description: BSI enables people and organizations to perform better. As the first national standard body of the world and founding member of ISO (the International Organization for standardization), BSI share knowledge, innovation and best practice to make excellence a habit – all over the world everyday since 1901. In 193 countries, at more than 128,000 sites, we work with 84,000 organizations, from the world’s largest and most successful brands to local small businesses.