Bubblebum Ltd

Bubblebum Ltd
Business Name: Bubblebum Ltd
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BubbleBum由创始人兼首席执行官格兰妮·凯利(Grainne Kelly)于2009年创立,专注于生产安全、舒适、便携的汽车座椅。BubbleBum是一款充气式儿童汽车安全座椅增高垫,旨在为有孩子的家庭解决出行问题。它们非常适合家庭出行及日常使用。这款产品的创新紧凑型设计仅重500克,相当于3个小香蕉,可以轻松折叠起来,放入书包、手袋、背包甚至杂物箱中。这款座椅增高垫可以存放在配套的弹性袋中,便于运输,这意味着BubbleBum可以陪伴每个孩子的每次出行。

English Description: Created in 2009 by founder and CEO Grainne Kelly, BubbleBum specialises in safe, comfortable and portable car seats. The BubbleBum is an inflatable Car Booster Seat that is designed to fit into busy family lives. They are the ideal solution for travelling families as well as everyday use. Weighing just 500g, equivalent to 3 small bananas, the innovative compact design easily deflates to fold away and fit into a schoolbag, handbag, rucksack or even the glove compartment. The Booster Seat can be stowed in its own stretchy bag for easy transportation, meaning that EVERY child can have a booster seat for EVERY Journey.

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