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Chase Distillery 大通酒厂

Chase Distillery 大通酒厂
Business Name: Chase Distillery 大通酒厂
Chinese Description:

大通酒厂(Chase Distillery)是英国的一家家族酒厂,在赫里福德郡的农场生产奢华烈酒。该酒厂从种植马铃薯和苹果开始,然后将其酿制成杜松子酒和伏特加酒,这些烈酒屡获殊荣。

English Description: Chase Distillery is family owned, British field to bottle distillery, creating luxury spirits from their farm in Herefordshire. Their range of gins and vodkas is made entirely from scratch, growing potatoes and apples which are distilled into award winning spirits.