Business Name: Cranswick
UK Business Location: North England
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我们的起点是谦逊的,同时目标远大。20世纪80年代末,Cranswick开始涉足食品生产领域,通过进入相关业务领域,我们不仅夯实了公司农业根基,同时也让我们成为首批真正的“农场到餐桌”产品提供商,我们以此实现了增长。集团下属的鲜猪肉公司Cranswick Country Foods有三个屠宰场,每周处理来自全国各地的6万头猪。


English Description: Cranswick is unique. There, we’ve said it, but we can legitimately make the claim because our story is like no other. We started out in farming, nurturing the best pigs in the country, with know-how passed down through generations, and the company originally formed to produce pig feed – because to get the best out, you must put the best in.

Our annual turnover is just over £1.25 billion.

Although our beginnings were humble, our ambitions were not, and in the late 1980s, Cranswick began the journey into food production, seeking to grow by moving into relatable business areas that complemented our agricultural roots and gave us one of the first genuine ‘farm-to-fork’ offerings. The fresh pork division of the group, Cranswick Country Foods, comprises three abattoirs, processing 60,000 British pigs per week.

International trading is a major growth area for Cranswick’s development. We have established business relationships in many different countries throughout Europe, the Far East and the United States.