Business Name: Croud
Chinese Description:

创立于2011年,Croud致力为全球企业提供全域数字化营销解决方案。以数据为驱动,结合当地市场和消费者行为调研,Croud已经成为众多跨国品牌(如IWG, Vans, AXA, The North Face等)的全球数字营销合作伙伴,数字营销活动遍及全球114个国家。


English Description: Founded in 2011, Croud is committed to providing full service digital marketing solutions for global companies. Driven by data, local insights and consumer behaviour, Croud has become a global digital marketing partner of many multinational brands (such as IWG, Vans, AXA, The North Face, etc.), with digital marketing activities in 114 countries around the world.

Croud’s unique proprietary technology Croud Control harnesses a global network of 2,400 digital experts, providing our clients with effective localised advertising strategies that drive business success. Croud’s China marketing team are well equipped to tackle the challenges faced by brands looking to marketing in China, and can provide both consultancy and digital support to help you effectively engage with the target market. Croud’s data-driven approach allows Chinese brands to successfully grow into newer markets with precision.