Deakin and Francis

Deakin and Francis
Business Name: Deakin and Francis
Chinese Description:

Deakin & Francis 自 1786 年便致力于设计和制造世界上最精美、奢华的袖扣,尾戒,男士配饰和女式珠宝,以及。历经7代相传,Deakin & Francis在两个世纪中一直继承品牌和家族价值并不断创新。

作为英国享有盛誉的珠宝品牌,Deakin&Francis一直坚持手工打造高品质的贵重金属,玻璃搪瓷和宝石珠宝。Deakin & Francis是珠宝的设计者和制造者,以款式独特和丰富主题的袖扣而闻名,并提供全面的定制服务。 定制服务涉及制作特殊的一次性珠宝,或将现有的,具有继承价值的的珠宝设计并制作为珍贵纪念品。

English Description: Jewellers since 1786, Deakin & Francis® designs & makes the world’s finest cufflinks, signet rings, gentlemen’s accessories, ladies jewellery and bespoke commissions. Across seven generations, Deakin & Francis continue to build on the heritage, brand and family values that have been created over the past two centuries.

As a well-respected British brand, Deakin & Francis produce fine quality, hand-made jewellery in precious metal, vitreous enamel and gemstones. Known for their wide range of cufflinks, as designers and manufacturers of jewellery, Deakin & Francis also provide a full bespoke service. This can involve creating special one-off pieces, or adapting existing, often inherited jewellery into desirable keepsakes to cherish.