Debbie Bryan

Debbie Bryan
Business Name: Debbie Bryan
Chinese Description:

Debbie Bryan是一家成功的英国公司,致力于促进创意与文化合作。


Debbie Bryan在与世界著名的诺丁汉蕾丝相关的人工制品的升级改造方面拥有丰富的专业知识,包括内部设计的、以Debbie Bryan品牌命名的限量版服装。自2018年以来,Debbie Bryan积累了策展、展览以及向中国客户销售的成功经验。Debbie Bryan有意与美术馆、创意组织、百货公司、专业媒体、社交媒体意见领袖及在线零售商合作。

Debbie Bryan本人是一名手工艺者和教育家,拥有诺丁汉特伦特大学的时装与纺织品硕士学位和纺织品设计学位。她在2007年成立了自己的公司。作为一个专业的设计工作室,该公司拥有手工画廊、餐厅和创意空间,更多信息可参考。

其新品牌Wilson & Harris于2020年推出,是一个在线礼品和创意体验电子商务网站,网址为。

English Description: Debbie Bryan is a successful British organisation promoting creative and cultural collaborations. Specialising in commissioning and selling uniquely designed collections, hand-crafted ceramics, glassware, lighting, interior accessories, fashion textiles and artwork. With expertise in upcycling artefacts related to Nottingham’s world-famous lace heritage, including limited edition collections, designed in-house, under the Debbie Bryan brand.

With experience of curating, exhibiting and successfully selling to Chinese customers since 2018. Debbie Bryan are interested in working with art galleries, creative organisations, department stores, media professionals, social media influencers and online retailers.

Debbie Bryan herself is a craftswomen and educator, with a Masters in Fashion & Textiles and a Degree in Textile Design from Nottingham Trent University.

Establishing her business in 2007, as a specialist design studio, the company owns an artisan gallery, eatery and creative space

Their new brand, Wilson & Harris launched in 2020, is an online gift and creative experiences e-commerce website

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