Delamere Dairy

Delamere Dairy
Business Name: Delamere Dairy
Chinese Description:

Delamere Dairy公司提供一系列获奖特色乳品和乳类替代品,包括全脂和半脱脂超长保鲜山羊奶、块状和可涂抹山羊黄油、原味和风味山羊酸奶,以及一系列屡获大奖的山羊软、硬奶酪。

2019年,Delamere Dairy推出了多功效和易食用的山羊奶粉。本款奶粉可补充人体所需的钙、蛋白质和维生素D,有利于牙齿和骨骼健康,可促进饮食均衡。

Delamere Dairy于2018年同Woodland Trust合作推出了Planted系列——燕麦、椰子和杏仁混合风味饮品,提供“家庭装”和“便携装”两种包装形式。适合素食者饮用,味道鲜美。

English Description: Delamere Dairy offers a comprehensive range of award winning speciality dairy and alternative dairy products. The range includes long-life and fresh goats’ milk in whole and semi-skimmed varieties, block and spreadable goats’ butter, plain and flavoured goats’ yogurts, and a wide range of award-winning hard and soft goats’ cheeses.

In 2019, Delamere Dairy launched its goats’ milk powder which is versatile and easy to use. It is a source of calcium, protein and vitamin D, for healthy teeth and bones, as part of a balanced diet.

The company’s Planted range launched in 2018 comprising of oat, coconut and almond based flavoured drinks in ‘take home’ and ‘on the go’ formats. Supporting the Woodland Trust and suitable for people following a vegan diet, they taste delicious.