D’Vine Distillates Group

D’Vine Distillates Group
Business Name: D’Vine Distillates Group
Chinese Description:

Devine Distillates集团是一家啤酒、葡萄酒和烈酒生产企业。集团在酒水行业拥有超过17年的经验,其管理团队负责交付和开发母公司全资的核心品牌。公司专业致力于国际市场,95%的产品都用于出口。通过营销手段共同建立和发展品牌。


English Description: Devine Distillates Group is a beer, wine and spirits business The group has over 17 years experience in the drinks industry with its management team delivering and developing core brands wholly owned by our parent companies. The company’s expertise is focused on the international market and group exports over 95% of its products.

We have had global success with our brand importers and partners with our marketing hand held approach to building and developing brands together.