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Eden River Bew Co

Eden River Bew Co
Business Name: Eden River Bew Co
Chinese Description:

Eden River Brew酿造一系列经典的英式艾尔啤酒并将其装瓶。我们是一家小型精酿啤酒厂,位于世界遗产英国湖区的周边。我们只选用最优质的原料,使用传统的产自英国的玛丽斯·奥特麦芽。我们是目前少数几家现场酿造啤酒并装瓶的精酿啤酒厂之一。

English Description: Eden River Brew Co. brew and bottle a range of Classic English Ales. We are a small craft brewery on the edge of the English Lake District which is a World Heritage Site. We use only the best ingredients including traditionally floor malted Maris Otter barley grown in England. We are one a few craft breweries that brew and bottle our beers on site.