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Ella’s Kitchen 艾拉厨房

Ella’s Kitchen 艾拉厨房
Business Name: Ella’s Kitchen 艾拉厨房
Chinese Description:

Ella’s Kitchen品牌的使命是建立儿童与食物之间的健康关系,提升儿童生活品质。公司由艾拉(Ella)的父亲保罗·林德利(Paul Lindley)于2006年创立。公司始终将健康和营养价值放在首位,同时兼顾味道和便利性。Ella’s Kitchen品牌努力做到尽善尽美,提供健康、方便和有趣的食物,并注重环境保护。

English Description: Ella’s Kitchen Brand mission is to improve children’s lives through developing healthy relationships with food. Set up in 2006 by Ella’s Dad, Paul Lindley, the company prioritises health and nutritional value, but never at the expense of taste or convenience. Ella’s Kitchen Brand strives to be good in every sense, offering healthy, handy and fun food that doesn’t cost the earth.