Emma Hardie Skincare

Emma Hardie Skincare
Business Name: Emma Hardie Skincare
Chinese Description:

Emma Hardie被誉为肌肤保养领域的开拓者,是如今英国最成功的整体面部护理品牌。其独特的美容技术与屡获殊荣的护肤体系相辅相成;产品范围从一个简单有效的护肤品系列发展到一系列多功能日常必需品,适用于各种肤质,与皮肤的自然功能相辅,可以达到保湿、紧致肌肤和提亮肤色的目的。

1996年,备受推崇的国际护肤专家艾玛·哈迪(Emma Hardie)推出了她独特的无创自然提拉和面部塑形技术,获得了众多顶级美容编辑、美容博主、有影响力的名流客户的一致好评和认可。之所以好评如潮是因为她没有使用劣质护肤品或侵入性技术,便能让皮肤变得紧致饱满。艾玛一直致力于寻找天然替代品,增强护肤品功效,延缓皮肤衰老。2009年,艾玛推出了简单但有效的护肤品系列“Amazing Face”,其中包含屡获殊荣的神奇辣木卸妆膏。


这一备受赞誉的英国护肤品牌针对不同年龄段的肌肤状况以及各种皮肤问题,使用植物成分让肌肤重现自然活力。Emma Hardie专注于开发纯天然、无残酷实验的优质产品,避免使用刺激性成分,并利用天然植物成分帮助皮肤自然减龄。

English Description: Considered a leading pioneer in skin rejuvenation, Emma Hardie is the most accomplished Holistic facialist in the UK today. Emma’s unique facial techniques are complemented with an award-winning skincare system; a simple but effective capsule collection that has now grown into a must-have range of multi-functioning daily essentials, designed to suit all skin types and to work with the skin’s natural functions to hydrate, firm and brighten.

In 1996 high regarded and sought-after international skincare expert, Emma Hardie, introduced her unique non-invasive natural lift and sculpting facial to rave reviews and glowing endorsements from a host of leading beauty editors, beauty bloggers, influencers and celebrity clients. So much has been written in praise of her work because she delivered a firmer plumper skin without harsh ingredients or invasive techniques. Emma’s goal was always to end the search for a miracle in a bottle by focusing on natural alternatives which make the skin itself more resilient to the passage of time.

In 2009, Emma Hardie launched her simple but effective capsule product range Amazing Face, containing the multiple award-winning Moringa Cleansing Balm. Built on personal dedication, passion and her own experiences in self-healing, Emma wanted to empower her clients to treat their own skin at home by educating them to use her unique techniques as well as providing multi functioning products designed to work with the skin’s natural functions to plump, firm and brighten.

An award-winning British skincare range, based on using targeted botanicals to support complexions of all ages and skin concerns to help the skin look younger naturally.

Emma Hardie Skincare prides itself on creating natural, cruelty-free products with integrity, avoiding skin sensitizing ingredients and using natural botanicals to help skin… Look Younger, Naturally.