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Esker Spirits 艾斯卡

Esker Spirits 艾斯卡
Business Name: Esker Spirits 艾斯卡
Chinese Description:

艾斯卡(Esker)成立于2015年,是一家注重原产地与创新的酒水品牌,致力生产真正值得消费者品尝的、具有浓郁风味的烈酒。我们的金酒风味经典浓郁,可单独饮用,也可用于调酒,多种方式可供选择。我们是唯一一家将本地采购的银桦树汁用作主要酿酒植物原料的苏格兰金酒品牌。我们的酿酒厂坐落在苏格兰皇家迪赛德(Royal Deeside)美丽的金卡丁城堡庄园(Kincardine Castle Estate)。2017年酒厂规模扩大一倍后,生产能力提高了400%。与此同时,我们还在计划进一步扩建酒厂。过去两年间,我们的金酒横扫20项风味大奖。艾斯卡金酒(Esker Gin)是2017年唯一一款赢得国际葡萄酒暨烈酒大赛(International Wine and Spirit Competition)金奖的苏格兰精酿金酒,艾斯卡黄金金酒(Esker Gold Gin)则是2018年唯一一款赢得国际葡萄酒暨烈酒大赛金奖的苏格兰精酿金酒。这两款酒也曾获得多项英国星级美食大奖(Great Taste)。

English Description: Founded in 2015, Esker is about embracing provenance and innovation to produce spirits with a deep flavour experience that the consumer can really taste. Classic but full flavoured gins, complimented by mixers and garnish, not defined by them. We use locally sourced silver birch sap as our key botanical, the only Scottish gin to do so. Our distillery is located on the beautiful Kincardine Castle Estate on Royal Deeside, Scotland. In 2017 we doubled the size of our distillery premises and increased our production capacity by 400%, with further expansion planned. Our gins have won 20 major taste awards in the last 2 years. Esker Gin was the only Scottish craft gin to win Gold at the 2017 International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC), and Esker Gold Gin was the only Scottish craft gin to win Gold at the 2018 IWSC. Both are recipients of multiple Great Taste awards.