ESquared Enterprise

ESquared Enterprise
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ESquared(全称E2 Enterprise and Employability)是一家深耕教育行业的社会企业,致力促进企业发展、提高个人就业能力,培养儿童、年轻人和弱势群体的创业和商业思维模式。

ESquared曾与Erasmus+多次合作,在难民融入、第三年龄数字技能等重大议题上发挥影响力。ESquared还开发了YES Passport等多款产品。YES Passport项目旨在帮助学生和年轻人制作能够展示就业能力的个人档案与优秀的个人简历。

ESquared还开发了Employability 4世界模型(Employability 4 World Model,简称E4)。E4是一项基于数字的就业能力模型,通过在线技能评估和任务帮助人们发展就业能力与技能。

English Description: ESquared, (E2 Enterprise and Employability) is a social enterprise which strives to promote enterprise and employability across the education sector, encouraging children, young people and those at a disadvantage to engage in an entrepreneurial and business focused mind set.

ESquared has been involved in several Erasmus+ collaborations, delivering impact in a variety of key themes such as Refugee Integration, Digital Skills for the 3rd Age. ESquared has also developed several products, including the YES Passport. The YES Passport is a programme designed to help students and young people build their employability profile and create great CVs.

ESquared has developed the Employability 4 World Model (E4). E4 is an employability model which is digitally based, E4 works by using a process of online skills assessment and assignments to help people develop their employability skills