Filbert’s Fine Foods Limited

Filbert’s Fine Foods Limited
Business Name: Filbert’s Fine Foods Limited
Chinese Description:

欢迎来到Mr Filbert’s的烹饪世界,在这里,我们只使用英格兰格拉斯顿伯里附近工厂最优质的配料,创造出屡获殊荣、非常有趣的小吃。


自2010年以来,Filbert’s Fine Foods一直 吸引着广大美食爱好者的味蕾,一路获得了40多项味觉和食品行业大奖。

English Description: Welcome to the culinary world of Mr Filbert’s, where we create award winning, really interesting snacks using only the finest quality ingredients from our factory near Glastonbury in England.

Our snack recipes are freshly made using 100% natural ingredients for a healthier, tastier snack and being free of gluten, dairy or any artificial additives, it means you are getting only what nature intended!

Filbert’s Fine Foods has been tempting the taste buds of food aficionados far and wide since 2010, winning over 40 taste and food industry awards along the way.