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FrontmatecAccles& Shelvoke

FrontmatecAccles& Shelvoke
Business Name: FrontmatecAccles& Shelvoke
Chinese Description:

Accles & Shelvoke制造精密的系簧枪、备件和子弹。Accles & Shelvoke的CASH®系列系簧枪普遍应用于世界各地不同肉类生产行业,例如大大小小的肉制品工厂和现杀现卖的农场。

English Description: Accles & Shelvoke manufacturer precision engineered humane slaughter captive bolt stunners, spare parts and cartridges. The Accles & Shelvoke CASH® range of captive bolt stunners are used across the world in meat production industries in varied situations – from large and small meat plants to on-farm dispatch requirements.