Fulkrum Technical Resources

Fulkrum Technical Resources
Business Name: Fulkrum Technical Resources
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English Description: Fulkrum Technical Resources (FTR) works in collaboration with its clients to provide them with a competitive edge in delivering successful projects. Their clients gain access to a global resource that maximises their capabilities and ensures safe, timely and cost-effective projects, from initial feasibility and design (FEED) through to final execution and operation.

In today’s fast-moving energy industry, it is critical that the entire supply chain is closely managed to ensure seamless project delivery. With tried and tested resources spread across the world, FTR provides its clients with complete visibility at every vendor, test house and logistical stage of their project. They ensure quality is maintained, whilst keeping within tight schedule commitments.

FTR provides reliable and effective surveillance services across a global network, has a proven track record meeting large project demands, can provide cover at short notice with pre-screened and pre-approved resources and access to knowledge and experience of the most commonly used vendors worldwide.