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今天,Grenade®不断地在自己的领域里创新突破,产品推陈出新,让消费者重新理解运动营养。这样的理念也让Grenade®成为 The Sunday Times评选中成长最快速的百家企业之一 ,分别在 2014, 2015, 2016和2017年获此殊荣。

我们的初心从未更改,从产品研发,品牌建设,供应链搭建,我们不断地在努力为消费者提供最优质的产品和服务。现在,我们的产品已经在超过 80 多个国家进行销售。从初心出发,我们将我们的理念带往世界各地,让 Grenade® 成为每个人生活中必不可少的一部分。

English Description: Founded in 2009, our mission was simple. As sports supplement distributors we’d grown tired of selling a bunch of stuff that looked and sounded the same. So we set about creating products that people would actively seek out and remember.

Today, Grenade® continues to pride itself on making each product and formulation as unique as possible. Products that exceed label claims and go beyond the seen-it-all-before sports nutrition stereotypes. It’s a commitment that’s seen Grenade® named as one of the UK’s fastest growing companies, as well as being featured in The Sunday Times’ Fast Track Top 100 in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

We are just as passionate and hands on as we were on day one. Be that new product development, trademarking, global marketing or looking after the logistics of having customers in over 80 countries, life’s never dull at Grenade®. That simple mission has now grown into establishing Grenade® as a global lifestyle brand. One that represents life athletes the world over.