Halen Môn/ Anglesey Sea Salt

Halen Môn/ Anglesey Sea Salt
Business Name: Halen Môn/ Anglesey Sea Salt
Chinese Description:

我们以海盐起家,产品源于安格尔西岛纯海水,经手工制作而成,绝不添加其他任何成份。我们正在不断拓展业务范围,包括创新烟熏厂Behind the Scenes tours和海盐蒸馏金酒。


我们仅从附近的麦奈海峡的海水中提取盐分,并为自身产品和经营方式感到自豪。凭借可持续发展和良好的商业实践,我们被授予了女王奖(the Queen’s Award)。

English Description: We started with sea salt, and ours is handmade from 100% pure Anglesey seawater and absolutely nothing else. Our business is growing to include Behind the Scenes tours, an innovative smokery, and a sea salt distilled gin.

In 2014, we were awarded the same Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status as Champagne and Parma Ham. This certification is an independent guarantee that the salt we make is authentic and honest, based on how and where it is made. We only ever make our salt from the Menai Strait, the water that flows past our doorstep.

We’re also as proud of what we make as how we do business, and have won the Queen’s Award for sustainability and good business practices.