Harrogate Tipple Ltd

Harrogate Tipple Ltd
Business Name: Harrogate Tipple Ltd
Chinese Description:

自2016年起,Harrogate Tipple成为优质酒精饮料供应商。

Harrogate Tipple一家坐落于风景秀美而有具有历史气息的北约克郡哈罗盖特里普利城堡庄园的家族酿酒厂。因对自身产品和环境的关注,我们努力将生产本地化。我们的葡萄树都是在城堡围墙环绕下有750年历史的花园中灌溉成长的。旗下备受赞誉的金酒由我们的酿酒大师汤姆·尼克尔(Tom Nichol)精心酿制。汤姆在金酒行业已有42年以上的经验,亲手打造了添加利10号金酒(Tanqueray 10)等众多世界著名饮品。

Harrogate Tipple的每一款饮品均经汤姆手工精心调制。

我们仅选用哈罗盖特天然泉水制作饮品,确保口感清爽纯净、无比顺滑。我们独家手工制作的金酒包括哈罗盖特优质金酒(Premium Harrogate Gin)、哈罗盖特蓝莓金酒(Blueberry Harrogate Gin)、哈罗盖特醋栗金酒(Gooseberry Harrogate Gin)、哈罗盖特大黄金酒(Rhubarb Harrogate Gin)和哈罗盖特蜂蜜朗姆酒(Honey Harrogate Rum),这几款金酒均获得多项大奖。此外还有闻名世界的唐顿庄园饮品系列,包括:唐顿庄园优质金酒(Downton Abbey Premium Gin)、唐顿庄园特调精酿威士忌(Downton Abbey Finest Blended Whisky)和唐顿庄园英式大黄金酒(Downton Abbey English Rhubarb Gin)。

English Description: Purveyors of Premium Alcoholic Beverages since 2016.

We are a small batch, family run distillery based in the beautiful and historical Ripley Castle Estate in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. We are passionate about our products and the environment, which is why we strive to keep everything as local as possible. Our botanicals are grown in the 750 year old gardens within the castle walls.

Our Award Winning Gins are expertly made by our Master Distiller, Tom Nichol who’s experience in the gin industry amasses over 42 years. Tom has created many world famous drinks such as Tanqueray 10. Every drink he produces for Harrogate Tipple is handcrafted with extreme care and detail.

We only make our drinks with 100% Harrogate Spring Water. This is evident in the clean, crisp and exceptionally smooth taste in all of our gins.

Our Exclusive Handcrafted Sprits include our award winning Premium Harrogate Gin, Blueberry Harrogate Gin, Gooseberry Harrogate Gin, Rhubarb Harrogate Gin and Honey Harrogate Rum.

We also make the world famous Downton Abbey drinks range which includes Downton Abbey Premium Gin, Downton Abbey Finest Blended Whisky and Downton Abbey English Rhubarb Gin.

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