Hayman’s of London

Hayman’s of London
Business Name: Hayman’s of London
Chinese Description:

150多年来,Hayman’s of London始终坚持以同一方式酿造纯英式金酒。我们的家族历史可追溯至1863年,恰逢金酒最初的繁荣时期,当时我们家族开始在伦敦建立酿酒厂。历经五代人之后,我们如今在距伦敦仅3英里的南部酿酒厂“英式金酒之家”(Home of English Gin),按照相同的家族配方和工艺来酿造金酒系列。我们坚持采用传统正宗配方和“两日”工艺,这是确保纯英式金酒全系列口感均衡的必要因素。

English Description: At Hayman’s of London, we’ve been making our True English Gin the same way for over 150 years, dating back to when our family first started distilling in London in 1863 during the original gin boom. Five generations later, we’re proud to be distilling our range of gins using the same family recipes and processes in our South London distillery, the Home of English Gin, just three miles from where our story began. Our full range of True English Gins each benefit from our authentic period recipes and traditional two-day process that are integral to creating the classically balanced.
Our range of Gins are currently widely available in China and we are looking to further expand our distribution through new retail and hospitality sector relationships.