Hydraulics Online Ltd

Hydraulics Online Ltd
Business Name: Hydraulics Online Ltd
Chinese Description:

Hydraulics Online Ltd是一家屡获殊荣的液压工程咨询和设备供应公司,也是全球客户的首选合作伙伴,为130个国家的客户提供高度个性化和技术性的服务,涵盖20个主要行业和市场。

2004年,Hydraulics Online Ltd成立时,我们设立了简明的目标:在提供优质服务、创造价值、确保产品独立性和互相信任的基础上与客户建立长期合作关系。目前,我们与80个液压品牌合作,以产品为主导及细分的市场中提供以客户为中心的服务。

2019年,英国政府认可了我们在国际贸易方面的成就和承诺,并认可了Hydraulics Online Ltd的“出口冠军”地位。2020年1月,英国国际贸易部进一步认可了我们在大中华区的业务发展方面所做出的重大贡献,并在网上为我们颁发“新星”奖。

English Description: Hydraulics Online Ltd is an award-winning, hydraulic engineering consultancy and equipment supplies company, and the partner of choice to customers worldwide – delivering a highly personal and technical service to customers in 130 countries, spanning 20 key sectors and markets.

When the company was founded in 2004 our aim was simple: to build long-term relationships based on great service, value, product independence and trust. Today we work with 80 hydraulic brands to provide a customer-centric hub in a fragmented, product-led marketplace.

In 2019, the UK Government recognised our achievements and commitment to international trade and accredited Hydraulics Online with its ‘Export Champion’ status. In January 2020, the UK Department for International Trade further recognised the significant contribution that we have made to developing business with Greater China and presented Hydraulics Online with their ‘Rising Star’ award.

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