Business Name: ICONIC London
Chinese Description:

ICONIC London是一个通过网络和社交媒体诞生的彩妆品牌。仅仅5年,该品牌就拥有了150万名Instagram粉丝(持续增长中),深受消费者、网红主播、化妆师和名人的欢迎。该品牌由趋势驱动的“Instagramable”明星产品组成,采用令人兴奋的创新销售渠道。ICONIC的消费者遍布全球,其网站每天有数千访问量——客户正在寻找ICONIC London!此外,该品牌还与丝芙兰、道格拉斯、哈维·尼科尔斯、福特纳姆&梅森以及Morphe等知名零售商合作,继续其全球扩张。

English Description: ICONIC London is a colour cosmetics brand born on line and via social media. After only 5 years the brand has 1.5 million Instagram followers (and growing) and is a hit with customers, influencers, Make-up Artists and celebrities alike. The brand is made up of trend driven “Instagramable” product heroes and has an exciting innovation pipeline. ICONIC is a brand in demand globally, its website receives thousands of visits daily – customers are looking for ICONIC London! Additionally the brand is partnered with prestigious retailers; Sephora, Douglas, Harvey Nichols, Fortnum and Mason and Morphe as it continues its global expansion.

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