Industrial Design Consultancy (Shanghai) Ltd 英国IDC产品化机构

Industrial Design Consultancy (Shanghai) Ltd 英国IDC产品化机构
Business Name: Industrial Design Consultancy (Shanghai) Ltd 英国IDC产品化机构
Chinese Description:

以创新研发为核心竞争力,IDC中国团队由来自中国、欧洲的产品设计工程师和产品设计师组成,并通过 ISO9001 及ISO13485质量认证。

English Description: As an international productisation company, IDC is committed to a full process of product development from user research, product definition, technical innovation, concept design, engineering development to product realisation. IDC has more than 47 years extensive experience in product innovation and 92% of IDC’s projects turn into successful products in the market.
Certified with ISO9001 and ISO13485, IDC’s international team of designers and design engineers specialise in areas ranging from IP analysis, market research, user insights study, industrial design, technology development, design validation and tooling development support. Industries served include medical devices, consumer electronics, industrial products and transportation.