Innovative Physics 创新物理

Innovative Physics 创新物理
Business Name: Innovative Physics 创新物理
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创新物理(Innovative Physics)是一家世界知名的研发公司,长期研发包括传感器技术、人工智能与类识别技术在核探测、安全检查、医疗领域中的应用。公司凭借独特的定制解决方案来解决复杂的科学工程难题在市场上独树一帜。



English Description: Innovative Physics Ltd is a world-renowned research and development company specialising in evolving technologies including sensor technology, AI and pattern recognition in the nuclear, homeland security and medical sectors. The SME sets itself apart in the market thanks to its unique, bespoke approaches to solving complex science-engineering obstacles.

The team of highly qualified physicists and engineers, with a combined experience of 70+ years in the technology and innovation industry, works with leaders across Asia, Europe, Canada and the USA. They have been involved in many significant, wide-ranging projects from developing products and systems to aid nuclear decontamination to developing techniques that will help speed up the process of detecting cancer.

Among its success stories, it has developed bespoke, cutting-edge AI technology to detect and identify radioactive material, utilised in multiple international markets, including at the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant which was devastated by the 2011 Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami.