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Intelligent Plant

Intelligent Plant
Business Name: Intelligent Plant
Chinese Description:

Intelligent Plant创建了首个真正开放、独立的数据共享应用程序门户和市场——Industrial App Store。无论中小型企业还是大型跨国公司,都可以从Industrial App Store获益。我们的平台能够为您的企业注入互联网的强大力量和灵活性。

• 原始设备制造商 – 想获取并分析您的机器数据,改善客户服务?

• 生产者 – 需要强大的分析工具,让员工不必使用VPN即可远程分析数据?

• 软件公司 – 想要增加曝光度,并且希望用户可以随时随地使用您的软件处理数据?无需入会费,无需数据存储费,无需迁移数据。您可以随时随地访问您的数据和应用程序。

English Description: Intelligent Plant are the creators of the Industrial App Store, the first truly open and independent data sharing application portal and marketplace. Whether you are a small to medium enterprise or a big multinational company you can benefit from the Industrial App Store. Our platform brings the power and flexibility of the internet to your business.

• OEM’s – trying to capture and analyse data from your machines to improve the service you offer customers?

• Producers – need powerful analytical tools that can be used remotely on your data by your employees without the need for a VPN?

• Software houses – want to increase exposure and give users the ability to use your software on their data, wherever they are?

There are no joining fees, no data storage fees and your data stays on site. Access your data and applications from anywhere.