Isle of Skye Candle Company 斯凯岛蜡烛公司

Isle of Skye Candle Company 斯凯岛蜡烛公司
Business Name: Isle of Skye Candle Company 斯凯岛蜡烛公司
Chinese Description:

自2006年成立以来,斯凯岛蜡烛公司(The Isle of Skye Candle Company)在家用香氛礼品领域打造出手工制作和浇铸的蜡烛和藤条香熏,产品制作精细,质量上乘。 我们注重环保,目前是英国苏格兰地区最大的一家天然家用香氛产品生产商。 所有的蜡烛均采用100%可再生大豆蜡制作,我们只用天然油制作出完美的香氛。精美的礼品袋也均由可再生材料制作而成。每一天,我们的美丽家园都为我们提供了创作灵感,这激励着我们为您提供卓越的香氛产品。我们想与您共同分享这迷人香味。

English Description: Since it’s inception in 2006, The Isle of Skye Candle Company has handmade and hand poured fine, high quality candles and reed diffusers within the home fragrance gift sectors. With an emphasis on maintaining the environment, the company is now one of the largest producers of natural home fragrance products in Scotland, UK. All candles are manufactured using 100% renewable soy wax and natural oils are only used to create the perfect scents. Superb gift packaging is created from sustainable resources only. Our beautiful home offers us daily inspiration to create superb and complimentary scents for yours. We want to share these amazing scents with you.

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