Jacobs Well Ltd 雅格布适(上海)国际贸易有限公司

Jacobs Well Ltd 雅格布适(上海)国际贸易有限公司
Business Name: Jacobs Well Ltd 雅格布适(上海)国际贸易有限公司
Chinese Description:


我们的著名品牌包括Mackays 莓可思果酱,Nibnibs 妮波思饼干,Old st Andrews 老圣安德鲁斯威士忌,Pink 47 粉红47金酒和 Pink Royal 粉红皇家金酒。

English Description: Jacob’s Well is a UK import-export business specialising in importing and distributing the very best of British ambient food products across China.

Our famous brands include Mackays preserves, Nibnibs biscuits, Old St Andrews Whisky, Pink 47 and Pink Royal Gin.

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