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John Mackle (Moy) Ltd

John Mackle (Moy) Ltd
Business Name: John Mackle (Moy) Ltd
Chinese Description:

John Mackle (Moy)有限公司成立于1971年,是北爱尔兰一家领先的宠物食品制造商,自成立50年来一直致力于开发创新宠物产品。我们的产品之所以能领先市场,是因为我们注重质量、承诺和专业知识。

公司旗下有两家生产猫狗宠物食品的工厂。我们为旗下品牌和自有品牌客户生产罐头和器皿。此外,我们还设有一个独立的先进包装设施和配送中心。 除了Brandy和Cat Club等核心品牌以外,我们还打造了全球领先的优质品牌——Naturo。该品牌为宠物主提供一系列优质、纯天然的猫狗餐食,肉含量高,不含人工添加剂或防腐剂。



English Description: Established in 1971, John Mackle (Moy) Ltd is a leading pet food manufacturer based in Northern Ireland, developing innovative pet products for almost 50 years.

Quality, commitment and expertise are just some of the ingredients we pack into our market leading products.

The company operates out of two factories where we produce food and treats for cats and dogs. We produce cans and trays for our brands and own label customers. We also operate a separate state-of-the-art packing facility and distribution centre.

Whist producing core brands such as Brandy and Cat Club, Naturo is our market leading worldwide premium brand, offering pet parents a range of quality natural complete meals for their dogs and cats that is 100% natural, with high meat content, and no artificial additives or preservatives.

Norsh is our 100% raw freeze dried pet range which launched in 2019.

We also produce own label for leading retailers.