Johnstons of Elgin 约翰斯顿 埃尔金

Johnstons of Elgin 约翰斯顿 埃尔金
Business Name: Johnstons of Elgin 约翰斯顿 埃尔金
Chinese Description:

自1797年成立起,两个多世纪的时光教会我们善待山羊绒和细羊毛等珍稀纤维。Johnstons of Elgin坐落于苏格兰埃尔金和霍威克的工厂仍为家族所有,埃尔金工厂为苏格兰唯一的纵向一体化纺织厂,这意味着从纤维染色,纺纱,到加工成品,均在自有工坊完成。我们使用用于制作苏格兰威士忌的柔软河水洗涤羊绒,并用卓越设计和工艺,创造出使我们倍感自豪的织品——且均在苏格兰制造。


2013年,Johnstons of Elgin作为苏格兰羊毛粗花呢制造商获颁英国皇室认证。

English Description: Since 1797, over two centuries of experience have taught Johnstons of Elgin to be gentle with our highest-quality cashmere and superfine merino fibres. Our mills, in Elgin and Hawick, are still family-owned, with Elgin the only vertical mill left in Scotland. This means we dye, spin, weave and finish everything on site. We marry delicate care and our soft Scottish water with innovative technology, outstanding design and unrivalled craftsmanship, to deliver products we are extremely proud of – all Made in Scotland.

The balance of heritage and tradition with contemporary design and innovation is what makes our story so unique. We pay meticulous attention to detail to all aspects of our processes, so that you can enjoy our products for many years to come.

We were proud to be granted with the Royal Warrant of Appointment to the Duke of Rothesay, as manufacturers of Estate Tweed woollen fabric.