Karro Food Group

Business Name: Karro Food Group
Chinese Description:

Karro Food Group食品集团是英国领先的肉类生产商,旗下加工厂遍布全国各地,提供新鲜猪肉、培根、火腿、冷冻香肠和切片熟肉等产品。我们为世界各地的出口、零售、食品服务和制造业客户提供优质肉类产品。Karro通过覆盖英格兰、苏格兰和北爱尔兰的养殖、屠宰及加工业务一体化经营,确保生产链的可追溯性。我们每周大约处理5万头不同福利水平的猪。



English Description: Karro Food Group is one of the UK’s leading meat producers, with processing plants across the country. Our categories include fresh pork, bacon, gammon, frozen sausage and sliced cooked meats. We supply our high-quality meat products to export, retail, foodservice and manufacturing customers across the world.

Karro operates through integrated farming, slaughtering and processing operations across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, which ensures that we have unrivalled production-chain traceability. We process circa 50,000 pigs each week across different welfare levels. The welfare of our animals is of foremost importance throughout our business. All of our pigs are kept and processed in the most humane way possible, with full adherence to UK welfare standards.

Our countrywide operations are responsible for pork eaten by millions of consumers every year and we take pride in producing products of the highest quality. Our international business exports our products globally each week, which is centrally managed through our head office in the UK. However, we also have two satellite offices in Shanghai and America which are managed by our dedicated export team.