Business Name: Larkfire
Chinese Description:



我们的水来自外赫布里底群岛中的刘易斯岛,我们用罐装生产替代塑料和玻璃。我们与Stornoway Trust合作,这是一家与我们的自然家园息息相关的社区土地所有者。 Larkfire每卖出一笔产品,便会将资金投入到这个岛屿社区及其周围环境的环保事业中。支持这个岛屿社区是Larkfire品牌故事的一个重要方面。

English Description: Larkfire is a new, very soft water which is the best water to mix with whisky. Unlike tap water, Larkfire does not contain any chemicals such as chloride and fluoride and, unlike bottled water, has a very low mineral content – making sure that when mixed with whisky, the whisky remains the star of the show and unaffected by any additives or high mineral content. Our aim is to help transform the experience of drinking whisky, make it a little more memorable and help create an exciting way for people to discover and enjoy great drinks.

Larkfire is also committed to its social and environmental input. Our water is sourced from the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides and produced in cans as opposed to plastic or glass. We work in partnership with the Stornoway Trust, a community landowner linked to our natural home. Every sale of Larkfire puts money back into this island community and its environment; this is a vital aspect of the Larkfire brand story, supporting this island community.