LC TechnologyLC 科技公司

LC TechnologyLC 科技公司
Business Name: LC TechnologyLC 科技公司
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我们编写闪迪(SanDisk)的数据恢复软件RescuePRO, 东芝(Toshiba)的Toshiba Data Recovery Software,之前也替Kroll Ontracks编写Easy Recovery。



LC Tech 是数据恢复领域的全球领导者之一。我们是编写数据恢复软件和在实验室内对储存卡和硬盘进行数据恢复的专家。我们被闪迪公司(Sandisk)推荐recommended by SanDisk,另外被英国广播公司BBC ,英国独立电视台ITV,佳能Canon,东芝Toshiba,以及很多全球范围内的数据恢复公司,执法机关,和其他各领域的公司或部门推荐。我们的数据恢复软件接受全球范围内的下载,另外我们的实验室接受并成功帮助过全球超过100个国家的设备恢复数据。


English Description: LC Tech is a global leader in data recovery. We specialise in writing software tools and providing lab services for flash memory and hard drives. We are experts in data recovery from memory cards and flash memory, recommended by SanDisk, PNY, Delkin, G-Technology, Canon UK, Sony UK and Arri, also approved suppliers to the BBC, ITV, over 40 other data recovery companies, law enforcements, retailers, and various other sectors, both here in the UK and throughout Europe and The World.

We have written data recovery tools for many companies including SanDisk’s RescuePRO software, Toshiba, PNY, Delkin and Kroll OnTrack. We receive downloads and devices in our labs from around 100 countries.

In our labs we are experts at removing memory chips for chip reads (NAND reads), so even corrupted or seemingly dead devices may be recoverable. We can also attempt to reverse engineer unusual chips and forensically recover and repair complex file types.