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learndirect Ltd

learndirect Ltd
Business Name: learndirect Ltd
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leanrdirect于2000年由英国政府工业大学(Ufi)创办,其任务是利用新技术转变英国的学习和技能培训方式。Ufi和learndirect在2011年开始私有化,并进行了一系列的重组和合并,直到Stonebridge Group在2018年对其进行了收购。

Stonebridge Group是一家大型的教育集团,专门从事线上远程教育,主要提供政府资助及商业资助的资格证书和课程。


English Description: learndirect is a force for positive change by using technology to future-proof education and training with both full and blended online learning solutions that transform people’s lives and help businesses develop their staff.

Launched in 2000 through the UK government’s University for Industry (Ufi), leanrdirect was given the task to use new technology to transform the delivery of learning and skills across the country. Ufi and learndirect was privatised in 2011 and was subject to various restructures and mergers until the Stonebridge Group acquired learndirect in 2018.

The Stonebridge Group is a large group of education related companies specialising in the online distance learning sector for both government funded and commercially funded qualifications and courses.

By being innovators in the delivery of online learning on a national scale, learndirect have built a unique and market leading position – using technology to provide engaging learning solutions.