London Pilsner Ltd 伦敦皮尔森有限公司

London Pilsner Ltd 伦敦皮尔森有限公司
Business Name: London Pilsner Ltd 伦敦皮尔森有限公司
Chinese Description:

伦敦皮尔森啤酒有限公司(London Pilsner Limited)是一家充满活力,声誉卓著且信誉良好的产品出口商,我们的产品在啤酒、烈酒、香槟,葡萄酒和软饮快消品榜单隶属A类产品。此外,我们代表超过15个品牌授权将这些产品分销到各个全球市场。其中一些品牌包括:Chambord,Choya,Berentzen,Rubro,Moosehead,Banks等



English Description: London Pilsner Limited is a dynamic, reputable and well established exporter of FMCG ‘A’ Brand products ranging from Beers & Spirits to Champagnes, Wines, and Soft Drinks. Additionally, we represent over 15 brands with authority to distribute these products into various global markets. Some of these brands include: Chambord, Choya, Berentzen, Rubro, Moosehead, Banks, etc.

As part of our global growth strategy we continue to support our partners to assist them to grow in a responsible and ethical way by working with them in tandem with the product brand owners to ensure organic growth in each market respectively.

We specialise in recognising the latests trends in market demand and guiding our partners to ensure that they also benefit from changing trends by being first to the table in their respective market.