Loro Crisps Ltd.

Loro Crisps Ltd.
Business Name: Loro Crisps Ltd.
Chinese Description:

Loro Crisps致力与顾客分享哥伦比亚人最爱的薯片:车前草香蕉薯片。


如果你不知道该选哪款,不妨试试鹦鹉佩佩(Pepe the Parrot)最爱的Quimbaya Limón味。哥伦比亚没有四季之分,Urabá地区的热带土地上全年种植着车前草香蕉和木薯。

English Description: Loro Crisps are on a mission to share Colombia’s favourite crisps – plantain crisps. We’ve got five flavours – or sabores as we call them in Colombia – to choose from already. But if you can’t decide then maybe go with Pepe the Parrot’s favourite – the zetsy Quimbaya Limón.

We don’t have seasons in Colombia so our plantains and cassavas are grown all year round in the tropical fields of the Urabá region.