Lowndes London Ltd

Lowndes London Ltd
Business Name: Lowndes London Ltd
Chinese Description:

我们是一家位于伦敦的专业设计公司,为欧洲奢侈品牌设计、制造钢笔和时尚配饰,已拥有20年的丰富经验。公司专注和致力于精工细刻,品质追求 -我们称之为“奢华工程”。“Nominal”是我们为自己开发的第一个项目: 由316不锈钢以及航空级别的铝材专制,共34个CNC精密加工件组合而成。“Nominal”来自于宇宙飞船的灵感,迄今为止,是我们开发制造的最高档的钢笔,它寄托着我们对神秘宇宙太空的向往以及对美好未来的期许。

English Description: We are a design company in London with 20 years experience designing and manufacturing pens and fashion accessories for European Luxury brands. We specialise in precision engineering and high quality finishes – we like to call it Luxury Engineering. Our first project that we have developed for ourselves is Nominal – 34 CNC precision-machined components in 316 Stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminium. Inspired by SpaceX, it is the most complex pen we’ve developed to date! We want it to represent the amazing future in space exploration, that lies before us.

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