Lye Cross Farm 康乐家庭农场

Lye Cross Farm 康乐家庭农场
Business Name: Lye Cross Farm 康乐家庭农场
Chinese Description:

Lye Cross Farm自1952年开始生产奶酪。我们的工厂位于英格兰的萨默塞特郡, 距离车达奶酪发源地仅10公里,我们生产车达奶酪及其他硬质奶酪。作为是英国领先的有机奶酪的生产商,和生产切达奶酪最好的农场之一,Alvis Bros供应全系列的优质有机切达奶酪和其他类型的英国本土奶酪。

English Description: Since 1952 the Alvis Family have been making the finest farmhouse cheeses at Lye Cross Farm, situated at the foot of Somerset’s Mendip Hills, a few miles from the village of Cheddar. Our Cheddar is made in the traditional way, by hand. The authenticity and provenance of our dairy products is of the highest standards.

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