MA Quality Foods Ltd

MA Quality Foods Ltd
Business Name: MA Quality Foods Ltd
Chinese Description:

MA Quality Foods 成立于2008年,位于英国西北部的曼彻斯特,是国内外享有盛誉的优质特色面粉和民族食品供应商。MA Quality Foods 是领先的专业面粉生产商,产品包括:车前草、山药、木薯和富富fufu面粉、无麸质面粉和营养的(高纤维)马铃薯粉。主要品牌包括Sankofa fufu和Lagos pounded yam。


English Description: Established since 2008 in Manchester in the North West of the United Kingdom, with high reputation as a national and international supplier of high quality speciality flours and ethnic food.

We are leading specialist flour producers including plantain, yam, cassava, and fufu flours, gluten free flours and dietetic [high fibre] potato powder. Our major brands include Sankofa fufu and Lagos pounded yam.

We also bespoke pack for international institutions and private companies in customers own brands. From our accredited manufacturing sites in UK we blend, co-pack, label and supply products to suit national and international markets and ship across the globe.